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A Life Group is a gathering of people who meet to explore their faith and deepen their love of Jesus. It is a place to support one another, a place to care for others and be cared for, a place to love one another and be loved.  They are a community that offers a safe place to journey through the joys and challenges of everyday life.

We cannot walk with Jesus alone with our faith journeys which are meant to be shared with others.  We know that people best grow in their faith when they surround themselves with other who have the same goal.

The three pillars of Life Group are: Connect, Grow and Pray.


To share in the lives of Life Group members.  We want to truly accompany you in your lives and share in your daily hopes, joys, and struggles.  We want to get to know your families, friends and to demonstrate how God’s love can offer encouragement and hope in their daily lives.


To offer opportunities to better understand the Christian faith through learning, group participation, personal reflection and sharing. The focus of this will be the weekly homily with a series of questions for discussion.


The opportunity to experience a personal interaction with God.

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Our Life Groups meet on a Monday, Thursday and Friday.

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Life Groups - An Invitation 


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