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By 1983 the Paisley Diocesan Authorities found it necessary to give Erskine its second Catholic church (the other being St John Bosco's) and Bishop Stephen McGill named Father John Cunney first parish priest of St Bernadette's, Park Mains. Work began to build the new church of St Bernadette in January 1984. The church was formally blessed by Bishop McGill on the 23rd April 1987.


St Bernadette's Church is the focal point of the Catholic community in the 'southern' area of Erskine. The layout is compact, with close linkage of church, meeting room and presbytery, taking cognisance of the fact that the parish is served by the parish priest who also has responsibility for St. John Bosco's.


The curve of the priest's hands in the Sacrifice of the Mass was developed into the walls on either side of the sanctuary, and continued internally in the meeting room entrance foyer and externally at the corner points. It is hoped that the congregation will have a feeling of close unity with the priest and, to assist further, the church plan is elongated breadth-wise rather than length-wise.


The message of Lourdes (France) is highlighted on one of the curved sanctuary walls and complemented on the other by the Risen Christ, thus leaving the focal area of the sanctuary for the altar with only the tabernacle within immediate vision.

This Catholic community is where we create new ways to bring faith alive in this challenging world.  The community is where lives are remembered and transformed and where all are welcome to explore the loving presence of our God.

St Bernadette’s is the site of many events in addition to providing worship throughout the year. We are a community offering an Alpha course to encourage everyone in their faith and to support all those who seek to minster in our parish. We work with our local primary and secondary schools to support young people in their faith and to celebrate the sacramental journey. We comfort families who are bereaved and welcome those who are sick to monthly masses of healing.

Just as our mission is shared we combine our efforts in the task of formation in Christian living. Many people give their time to lead services, to organise prayer events and to keep the fabric of the church safe and fit for purpose.

We invite you to pray about deepening your own formation.

Ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in discernment and in thanksgiving let us offer our talents to serve the poor, the lonely, the sick and the isolated in our community.

Like Bernadette let our lives be guided to a closer relationship with Christ through the intercession and guidance of Mary our Mother.

Everyone is welcome and please keep in touch through this website, twitter and the weekly bulletin.


Parish Priests

Canon David Boyd 2014

Canon James Byers 2010 - 2014 (Fr. Jim died suddenly on the 24th May)

Canon Desmond Berry 1995 - 2004

Father Oliver Freney 2004 - 2010

Canon John Cunney 1983 - 1995


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